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Professional Hair Stylist

Is playing with hair your passion? Do you enjoy watching people's hairdos, and doing people's hair? Do you love keeping track of the latest trends in hairstyling? Do you love imagining what kind of hairdo would suit a certain person? In case your answers to all these questions are in the affirmative, a career in professional hairstyling might be just the right thing for you. This article tells you all about this career from what it involves to what is the right way to enter the field. The prerequisites        What are the prerequisites for a career in professional hairstyling? The following are some of the major ones:  Creativity is the most important prerequisite. A hairstylist should know what kind of style would suit a certain person. The individual should have the ability to pay attention to minute details and should be well organized. To become a professional hairstylist, an individual should be aware of the latest hairstyles, the latest hair cutting techniques, hair colour techniques as well as techniques for hair care. He should have a deep and inherent interest in knowing about the latest trends and should have a special understanding of them. A professional hairstylist should be aware of the various hair products available in the market, and should be knowledgeable about their use. He should have an understanding of what kind of product would suit a particular client's hair. A professional hairstylist should be, well, professional in every sense of the word. He should stick to his commitments readily. Being outgoing and having a good sense of humour would go a long way in developing a good rapport with the clients. Having a genuinely talkative nature and liking to hear about clients' lives would help in establishing a long-lasting relationship with them. A professional hairstylist should have the drive and enthusiasm to succeed in his career. Especially in the initial days of one's career, a lot of struggle might be involved, and the individual should have the determination and patience to see it through. One very important prerequisite for a career as a professional hairstylist is a diplomatic attitude. It is very easy to get carried away by what the hairstylist wants to do with a client's hair, but the most important step is to listen to what the customer wants, and to arrive at a diplomatic solution. A career as a professional hairstylist sometimes requires one to work for long periods of time, sometimes standing at a stretch. This makes it a prerequisite for the individual to be physically fit. At the same time, one should be emotionally prepared as well. The career  A professional hairstylist can go opt for either only hair cutting and styling or only hair colouring and hair care, or he or she can go in for everything. Once an individual decides to go for a career in hairstyling, there are several avenues open to him opening one's own salon, working with another established stylist, or entering the world of celebrity hairstyling. One can work either freelance or full-time, depending on one's preferences. Some hairstylists offer services to clients at their doorstep. Initially, one might have to start out as an assistant to an established stylist, and gradually grow towards one's goal. Hairstylists can find employment with television channels, movie and theatre artists, fashion designers, advertising agencies, fashion magazines, or with beauty salons. Some hairstylists prefer to become teachers to impart their knowledge to new entrants in the field, after gaining sufficient experience in the industry. In case the individual decides to establish his or her own salon, a huge amount of planning would be required. Considerable investment would have to be made to set up the salon. This would make good business sense an essential prerequisite, along with the other qualities stated above. Getting a portfolio of one's work and getting some business cards printed out would be helpful. Advertising in newspapers and magazines and/or on the Internet would also definitely be steps in the right direction. When one is starting out with one's career, sending the portfolio and business card to prospective employers would be a good way to start out. Participating in hairstyling competitions would also be a good idea, to get noticed. Usually, after the first few assignments, as in all careers, the work of a hairstylist speaks for itself. Word- of-mouth publicity takes place. Hence, it is essential that a hairstylist always concentrate on doing the best job possible. In some countries, becoming a professional hairstylist requires a degree from a recognized institute and a license to practice. There are several institutes the world over that offer courses in hairstyling, hair colouring, treatments, etc. Getting proper training would help hone the talents and passion of the individual and give them a professional shape. The bottom line  Being a professional hairstylist is, of course, a glamorous and lucrative profession, especially if working with movie stars or theatre artists. At the same time, it can be an extremely demanding and tough career.

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